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Third Annual Family Camp Recap

Yay….we just completed year three of our annual family camp!!! Seems incidental to some, but for our overworked, unadventurous family it is a milestone. This started as a small thought to try to connect cousins for more time together and find time for us as siblings to connect more than just the rushed holidays. However, it has become so much more!

Each year we take away something new. We gain a bigger piece of who we are. We inspire our kids to just be kids. We all throw the worries of our crazy society away. We find time and ways to connect that we wouldn’t otherwise do.

Here are some highlights we had this year:

  • Our waterslide was the best so far as we have crafted the design and no one was injured
  • We had conversations on the deck overlooking the lake that will last a lifetime
  • A developing band of new Pinochle players are emerging in the family
  • Our campfire cookout was a bust since the wind was high and we are in a drought and starting camp on fire was not on our list
  • Our cell phones did surface a little too much for my liking this year and will try to correct for next year
  • Our kids learned how to make homemade pasta and watching them work together was amazing
  • Great grandma was able to join us for a day at 87 and having four generations under the summer sun is always a blessing
  • Tears the first night when saying grace as it was so joyous to all be together
  • A group of diversified kids and adults took on the lily pad, paddle boat and kayaking

We could always do more and we could always do less when getting together. However, finding the time to spend and grow with your family is vital. It is good for our souls. It rejuvenates us, connects us, and reminds us of what is important. 

Matthew 18:20 reads “for where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” As we gather each year, God’s presence is always with our family through all the good, all the imperfections, and all the fun. We hope that you and your family will be blessed with moments such as these throughout the year.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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