About US at Rhubarb & Rubbish

Founded by three sisters, RhubarbandRubbish.com provides direction to Christian women on their walk with God. We provide personal stories, resources, and support for those seeking to live a life focused and centered on Christ.

Who should read Rhubarb & Rubbish?

Anyone who loves Jesus and wants to live a life of joyful service to him should read our blog.

Why did we start Rhubarb & Rubbish?

We came to realize that all of us struggled to keep Christ as the focus of our lives. As we looked out into the world, we struggled to find a resource that spoke to those everyday struggles of focus we faced. God put it on our hearts to look to him for direction and to share our journey with others who have similar struggles.

Why Rhubarb & Rubbish?

Rhubarb is sweetened through baking, just as life is sweetened by growing in our knowledge and understanding of Christ and his plan for us. Life is full of rubbish, things that distract and take up space in our lives. Focus on Christ increases life’s sweetness and makes it easier to recognize the rubbish.

Are you ready for a sweeter, more grace-filled life? Come and join us on our journey!

The Ladies of Rhubarb & Rubbish–

Jessica, Carrie & Liz

Jessica Clemens, Carrie Guthmiller, and Liz Hunt