About Rhubarb & Rubbish

RhubarbandRubbish.com is an online resource for women seeking to live a Christ-centered, values-driven, intentional life. Founded by three sisters, Rhubarb & Rubbish strives to bring relevant information and ideas related to living out personal faith in a way that leads to daily joy and contentment.

Who should read Rhubarb & Rubbish?

Intentionally geared towards the family-oriented, Christian woman juggling a ton of responsibilities, Rhubarb & Rubbish provides a supportive community for women seeking knowledge, encouragement, and hope. Much like the Biblical examples of the Proverbs 31 woman and Lydia, we recognize that many of our Sisters-in-Christ have multiple vocations which include being wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs. We also realize that balancing these roles can be difficult and, at times, overwhelming, that often the doing can get in the way of being. We at Rhubarb & Rubbish are committed to bringing our readers tried and true advice, creative ideas, and real-life reflections of how we, ourselves, are trying to manage these roles more effectively, putting Christ at the center of it all.

Why did we start Rhubarb & Rubbish?

Just imagine three sisters sitting around the table with their mom all complaining about how stinking tired they are and how they can’t seem to manage all the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and business owner while still keeping their faith, being intentional with family time, and supporting and sustaining a viable income from their entrepreneurial endeavors. This is how Rhubarb & Rubbish was founded. Our own struggle to balance and be intentional with our lives, our own struggle to find joy and contentment in the everyday, led us to decide to seek a more intentional life that puts faith and family first.

Why Rhubarb & Rubbish? For those of you not familiar with rhubarb, it’s a vegetable that is most often treated as a fruit and grows like a weed in some areas of the country. Known for its tart taste, it is most often used in pies, crisps, and jellies or jams. And, rubbish, well it’s plain old junk. Together, Rhubarb & Rubbish represents life for us, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, depending on how you approach it, and full of junk. Our goal at Rhubarb & Rubbish is to cultivate more sweetness, manage the sour with as much grace as we can muster, and clearly recognize and get rid of the junk.

Are you ready for a sweeter, more grace-filled life without the distraction of life’s rubbish? Come and join us on our journey!

Jessica Clemens, Carrie Guthmiller, and Liz Hunt