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The Lost Art of Hobbies: From a Busy, Overbooked Mom

I recently took a moment to write out all the commitments that I currently have on my plate. It was daunting, overwhelming and a realization I once again have overbooked myself and probably should be using a platter and not a plate. It happens too easily. By nature, I am a “yes” kind of person instead of a “no” kind of person when I am asked to do something. A work in progress, indeed, and why we are on this journey at Rhubarb & Rubbish.

As we devote this month to moms, we wanted to take a look at the importance of a mom finding time to do the things she loves. Yes, it is the lost art of hobbies. By definition, in Merriam-Webster, a hobby is “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation”. Did you see the key takeaway words there…outside of regular occupation and relaxation? We live in a world that is constantly pulling us in directions we don’t always want to travel. 

I personally have too many hobbies, that range from reading to cooking to crafting to gardening. Or maybe it is that I love to explore different hobbies that may just become my new favorite. We also have seasons in our lives that certain hobbies are more fitting. Sometimes I have focused on sewing, other times canning, and other times reading to gain knowledge on a certain topic. 

In my busy schedule each week I often miss so many opportunities that I could give to myself to enjoy my hobbies even if it is only one chapter a day. It isn’t selfish. It is necessary for our well-being. 

Our encouragement for each of you is to find the time daily to do something you love…even if you get 30 minutes on a busy day. You will find your productivity will increase, your stress will be reduced and you will be able to give so much more back to your spouse and family. Hobbies don’t have to be something completed in an HGTV crafting room. Hobbies are vast and varied you just need to find something you love to do and DO IT!

We would love to hear what some of your favorite hobbies are or see pictures of what you love to do. 

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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