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How to Know When a Fellow Mom Needs You

Being a mom is probably the biggest blessing a woman can have in her life. We play with babies growing up and plan for all the fun that comes with feeding, bathing, and changing clothes. As we get older, we begin to start dreaming of the man that will be our other half to have these amazing children with.

And then it happens…we have one or several bouncing, energetic children consuming most of our time and we are all of a sudden exhausted, and the picture we had painted as a child isn’t quite the same masterpiece. The exhaustion slowly sets in but soon our body aches to get out of bed in the morning, we are wearing mismatched shoes out of the house and we completely forget where we are to be or why we are driving down this road.

We try to hold it together and tell those around us that everything couldn’t be better. Inside though it feels like the lists will never end, sleep is elusive and we ask ourselves how many years it will be until it’s different. The bright side is our children grow and cycle through different times and they truly give us the best part of each of our days.

So how do you know when you can help another mom? Sometimes we don’t always know when or how. Sometimes we just need to ask. Most times it is simple things that will help such as making a grocery run, watching the kiddos for an hour, or dropping by a ready-made meal. 

Most of us give small signs that we are exhausted and can use a hand. A few of our tell tale signs are things like not making coffee groups, missing appointments, disengaged in conversation because you simply can’t find the words or appearance such as the interesting wardrobe, dark circles under your eyes and the call to always wear lounge clothes 24/7!

If you currently are the mom in need…ask! Someone is there to help. If you are the people wondering if a little help is needed…ask! The worst answer you will get is no but you can try again.

Enjoy the journey of motherhood and all of it’s amazing steps but know that asking for help with make the journey that much more enjoyable!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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