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How to Set Realistic Boundaries

Setting boundaries as a mom is important. It helps to establish good, healthy relationships. It also relieves a little stress. 

Examples of setting boundaries would be:

  • For kids, it could be that I’m not going to pack their backpacks for school every day, I will remind them to do it but it is part of their job, but allow them to learn the responsibility.
  • Another one for kids is to have them pick up their toys and put them where they belong so the next time they can easily find them to play with (teaching them both responsibility and respect).
  • When it comes to your spouse having clear communication is key; everything goes more smoothly. 
  • As our parents age, setting the boundary that I can’t come at the drop of a hat all the time but when it’s necessary I’ll be there. 

When trying to set boundaries think it through before establishing them. Think about the pros and cons and the cause and effect of each boundary. Make sure it works for everyone involved and remember that not all situations require you to set a boundary.  It’s good to set some boundaries because it keeps us as moms in check and aware that we are still human and need some help to get everything done. As I have said in the Unglued book review, setting boundaries keeps us from coming unglued in situations. 

We would love to hear about how you as a mom set boundaries. Do you have any tips or ideas?

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller 

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