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Will I Leave an Undistracted Legacy?

Throughout most of my life, I have felt like I am living it to the fullest within my time and budget. However, the past couple of years have left me to reevaluate. There’s no other way to say it….WE LIVE CRAZY, COMPLICATED LIVES…and some days I wonder if I am doing any of it right.

My journey to the question at hand started a couple of years ago when my parents, siblings, and our children started an annual family camp. It was geared to get together, hang out to catch up, and enjoy the nature around us…but most importantly to let our kids just be kids. Dorm-style cabins, lodge eating, and all the pieces of a youth camp were available to us to partake in. We found total relaxation…a feeling I haven’t had in years. 

Not long after our first camp, I assisted my 86 grandmother to sell her home in which she had lived 65 years. It brought tears to my eyes for the many memories we had in that home. My sisters and I learned a lot about life and life skills in that home and I realized that that home and grandparents helped mold who I have become. I know I will feel the same about my parent’s home one day too.

These events were followed by the Coronavirus which left each of us living in a surreal world. The time required at home gave our family time to connect in ways that we don’t usually have time for. It offered us opportunities to teach our child in ways we don’t usually get. And it certainly gave us a cause to give the good Lord additional prayers.

These times spent with family reconnecting, working through a life milestone of leaving a home of memories gave me cause to stop and reflect. Will I leave an undistracted legacy?

Undistracted legacy….what is that? Will I build a family who has spent time making memories or just filled the calendar with events? Will we have spent time learning life skills, playing games, learning to dance, learning to love, learning to laugh, and learning to cry? Or will I let the rest of the world teach these things to my child? Will I be remembered as always being late? Will I be remembered as the one checking my phone and the latest post every few minutes? Or will I be the one always there to teach, share and love.

Our lives are so easily steered towards being connected to the phone, always saying yes to someone else other than my family, and more. However, these moments in the last year or two have given me a reminder of where I really want to go so that I too leave an undistracted legacy that my grandma and parents have given me. They are always there, always teach, and always love. I want to do the same for my children.

God doesn’t always give us the road that is easy to travel and his reward comes with trials. My road will not always be easy but I know it will be fulfilling by doing what is not the “norm” our society has outlined.

Will I leave an undistracted legacy? Today I do not know but I know I want my family to have what I have had and will do all I can to make that happen. Our annual family camp and taking the time to teach my child is a start.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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