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A Dad’s Perspective: Raising Only Girls. What is it like?

I grew up with only sisters. No brothers meant a lot of women in the household and just my dad for a male figure. Now in my adult years, it is very similar as my husband and I have only girls. I had the privilege and honor to interview both my dad and my husband on what it was like raising only girls. I interviewed by asking four questions. 

Q1:  What is it like raising only girls?

My Husband: You get lots of hugs and I love yous. 

Dad: Raising girls is probably easier than raising boys because boys can be more of a handful. Boys tend to take more risks. Your sisters and you were easy to raise for the most part until we got older and thought we knew everything. 

Q2: With all the girls in the house, how do you manage to find time in the bathroom?

Both my dad’s and my husband’s answers were the same. They said they get up early, take their showers at night, and having two bathrooms help. The biggest is having lots of patience. 

Q3: With all of the crazy female vibes in the house how do or did you keep your sanity?

My Husband: I just find a recliner and watch my favorite show sometimes. 

Dad: I just learned to grin and bear it and as the saying goes; went with the flow. 

Q4: What is the best thing about raising only girls?

My husband: Teaching our girls strong work ethic and that there is no such thing as only boys do that kind of work because girls can do just as much as a boy can if not more and sometimes better. 

Dad: His favorite was sitting and listening to our “ladies aid meeting” and chiming in with his comment when we thought he wasn’t listening all the while he was reading a book and watch a football game on tv at the same time. What talent!

I truly commend all fathers who raise only girls as it can be challenging but oh what a fun season to go through and experience in  life. Enjoy and  look for the second interview coming up! 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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