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Completing a Self-help Book Purge

letting go of finding the answers that don’t always exist in the way we think.

I recently created a list of projects that I wanted to complete in the short summer months that we have. I always have the usual items like painting projects, cleaning out something and building a project or two. One project was to clean out and organize my books. I love to read and have a book in my hands. I am not an online reader or tablet reader when it comes to books. I started with one of the easier projects of cleaning out my books and I came to a realization that I didn’t love. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SELF-HELP BOOKS!!!

Everyone can define self-help differently. For me it includes book that discuss, aid, cover topics that affect solving a health problem, behavior problem or the books that are to help you “feel” better about life. I have purchased a multitude of books on various topics. I have some to bolster my real estate career. I have some that deal with health or weight loss. I have many on the topics for my neurodivergent son. And of course, I have financial help books as well because we all want to be so “savvy.”

I have been blessed to take tidbits from each. I have added a piece here and a piece there to make a sales process smoother or guide my son in daily activities. However what was alarming to me was how many I had for almost every aspect of my life. I have justified them to help me through a tough time or tough topic. They of course are a great author so they must have the answer as they are a published and I am inadequately equipped and that is why I need their help.

The reality is that due to the sheer amount that I have read over the years it was clear that none of them have the answer!! Or I would have stopped ordering after the first one or two. My realization for my son was clear that even though diet, plenty of quiet time and sleep do help him the reality is that he just needs more time for development than some and God created him beautifully the way he is. If he has the understanding of how God created him, he will be just fine. I am not going to be the greatest realtor that has walked the earth because I have amazing systems in place and the perfect script. I will only be successful because I am living my life for God in all I do. It is about developing the relationship and not the latest marketing piece. I will only be successful at being my best version of health by living my life how God is directing me, and the rest will come.

It was clear that every time I read a book, it left me looking to order the other five or more books that that author mentioned because I was sure that if I read them all the pieces would come together. How wrong that is.

The last reality I had was that I haven’t even read all the books. Then I did the unthinkable…I boxed them up to purge and donate. That simple! I discovered that all of those books can be read and a tip or two maybe gained, but if I rely on the one book that God has provided to us all the answers, I am looking for are in there. He will guide us in our growth, development, work and health. He instructs how to live life daily and how to get to where he calls us to be.

What a blessing I will have to not move all these books around and think of how much less dusting I will have! Thanks be to God that he has guided me through this process, and it is allowing me to see the blessings ahead.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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