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Finding Joy in Your Work

As the verse in Ecclesiastes 3:22 says we should rejoice in our work. God has given us our lot (work) to do and as long as we have God at the center our work should be joyful. 

There are days that it is hard to be joyful about our work. Trust me, being a farmer this summer with no chance of rain in the forecast or when there was a chance of rain it didn’t show it was hard to find the joy in work. That is where I had to have a child-like faith that God will provide. Indeed he did a little too late perhaps for this year’s crops the rain however came this fall. It will hopefully give us a start for next year (ex. For the grass in the pastures.).  

If we continue to keep God at the center of our work and remember that our work is set out by the lot God has given us, our joy in our work will come abundantly and work will be easy. Yes, there may be tough days but remember the verse:

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”     Luke 1:37

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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