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Embrace the Clutter: Living Life in the Moment

As I sit in my house I look around at the things in my home and ponder… Where is it we spend the most time in our home? Why is it we seem to have stuff sitting around (piles of papers here and there, stuff on the counters, etc)?  I look around at my table right now and it has piles of papers on it as I am currently doing bookwork. My counter is full right now with of course the usual coffee maker, kitchen stand mixer, and Tupperware containers full of baked goods. 

I, like most people, want a clean, uncluttered home when people come to my home and visit. I like to have no piles of papers anywhere to be seen and all my clothes baskets empty as well as the counters cleaned off. As I look at the Tupperware container of muffins I baked and the cookies I made with my youngest, I am reminded of how much fun she had making them. The baskets of clothes and piles of papers remind me not of the mess that it is but that my family and I are living here and enjoy it. 

We don’t want to continually keep our homes messy and not take care of them and clean. But every now and then we need to be reminded that it’s ok to let it be and just live in the moment and enjoy the people around us and make memories. Remember when people come to visit they come to see you and not all the little piles of stuff you have lying around. They will definitely remember the conversations you had. 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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