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Psalm 46:10 Be Still and Know That I am God

I have a confession. I am really bad at being still. No, I don’t mean physically still. I can veg out with the best of them. The stillness that this Psalm is referring to is stillness or quiet calmness of our spirits, our souls. A peace that passes all understanding. Most days, I have to admit that I have a very restless spirit. A racy mind full of to-do lists, what-ifs, and I’m-not-enough does not a quiet spirit make!

The quiet stillness promised by this verse actually comes from believing the second part of the verse, knowing God. Knowing God is both being aware of who He is, the creator, our Father, our source of eternal life. Knowing God is also about having a relationship with him. To truly be still, I have to ask God into my life–ALL OF IT. The good stuff. The bad stuff. The joys. The hurts. 

Most importantly, to truly be still and know that He is God, I must trust in Him and internalize the truth of who He is in life. Not just Sunday morning. Not just when things are going well. Not just when things are going badly. Every single moment of every day. Choose to know God and choose to remember that He knows you, completely and fully. And, He loves you!!

Contributed by Liz Hunt

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