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The Art of Raising Godly Men

Whew….what a task in today’s world! Each day our children are faced with so many outside elements…elements that I myself are unfamiliar with as this generation is exposed to things we didn’t have growing up. I assume that every generation has said that, but I truly feel that this generation faces so much more because it is instantly accessed. And unfortunately, I feel that we have a generation that is greatly removed from living a faith-filled life.

Children need a good foundation. Boys especially need to be modeled from both their father and mother. Mothers show their sons what a godly woman should look like and aid in showing them how to honor women. 

Here are some key points to raise a Godly man:

  • Teach them the word–Make sure they know the word of God and how God wants us to live our lives.
  • Take them to church–There are many facets of instruction, but having fellowship with others is so important.
  • Pray with them–Praying with your spouse and children is vital to relationship development and honoring our Lord.
  • Listen, be present and communicate–We need to put this in front of talking and we will be blessed by the results!
  • Set an example in what you do and say–Leading by examples sounds so simple but we all are sinners and falter.
  • Teach gratitude and build good character–Gratitude and character go a long way.
  • Teach them to serve others–They will feel the gratefulness and fulfillment from serving others. 

We have been blessed to have our son in a private, Christian school that has lessened some of the outside elements. I hope that it helps to keep him on the right path of being a Godly man. This last week my son took the prayer slip at church and asked for prayers for two neighborhood children that don’t even know who Jesus is. It breaks his heart that they don’t know and he fails to understand how they haven’t had the opportunity to learn about Jesus. However, what a proud momma I am to have a son with a heart for Jesus already.

I pray he continues to grow in his faith and walk his life with God. However, it is something that is worked on through the steps listed above for a lifetime, not for a few fleeting years of our youth.

What ways do you use to help your son grow to be a Godly man? We would love to hear!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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