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Calves and Spring Planting: Mother Nature Revealed in Springtime

Living on the farm, April is a wonderful time of year with the beginnings of spring and new life on the farm. We start calving and with the baby calves comes a new kind of energy to the farm. It is an energy of rejuvenation. It’s time to get the equipment ready for spring planting with anticipation of what the crop year will look like.  Being a farmer and getting a first-hand view of mother nature’s renewal and the life cycle of new beginnings is definitely a great benefit. With the change in weather, it means we get to spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Farm life helps me to be intentional just by being able to catch that early sunrise or sunset, watch that calf being born and seeing it stand for the first time, or looking down the field at the rows of crops just peeking out of the ground and sharing in those moments with my husband and children. 

During every new season that comes I take a moment to renew my faith, because we know it takes faith to make things possible. Faith that God will renew the earth in the spring with moisture that we are surely needing now. Faith and thankfulness that I get a first hand view of God’s amazing spring renewal on the farm. 

I challenge each one of you no matter where you live to look intentionally at the unfolding of spring this year. May the renewal of mother nature put an extra joyous bounce in your step and a sweet smile on your face. 

I would love to hear about your favorite mother nature reveal of springtime. 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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