Book of John

Value of Reading the Bible with Your Child

My youngest daughter gets Club Jr. magazine, which is a Christian based magazine geared towards her age level. She loves reading it and enjoys learning about the Bible and Jesus through the articles. One recent issue in particular had a challenge for kids to read the book of John, memorize important verses in the book and draw pictures of what you read. There was a deadline to get it done and when you finished it you mailed in your pictures. In return you will receive an unknown prize.

My 9-year-old looked up when we read about the challenge and said “Mom could we read the book of John and do this?” How could I say no?

We started the challenge and read a few chapters of John. It amazed me at such a young age she would want to do the challenge and asked to read the Bible in such a way. As we read through, she asked lots of questions which was good because sometimes I even needed to find the answers or pray for God to give me the right answer to those questions. We truly studyied the Bible together like we have never done which was awesome.

I have fond memories of reading the Bible as a kid and while I may not have as much time as I would like to read it now, I do when I can.

My daughter and I finished the book of John. What an accomplishment at her age! Now on to another book of the Bible to read.

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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