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Summertime Sunshine: Connect with God’s Creation

Summer is a time when we think of hot days, short nights, being outside most of the day, picnics, and mosquitoes buzzing. I remember summer days filled with the activities of going to grandma and grandpa’s house hanging out.  We would help with house cleaning, cooking and baking, and gardening. One of my fondest memories was sitting outside with family. While sitting outside we would cut and eat huge watermelon slices while trying to see how far we could spit the seeds. With all the seeds we spit I’m surprised grandma and grandpa didn’t have a watermelon patch growing.  

In today’s day and age, summertime for kids is very different. It consists of summertime sports, swimming lessons, maybe a family vacation, and freedom. I married someone with a passion for farming and ranching, so our girls know all too well the busyness of summer. Our summers are filled with family trips to the pastures to check cattle along with outdoor lunches, haying, and tending the crops. Our kids come along with us and help where they can. They also get to enjoy the trampoline and running through the sprinkler. 

In an earlier post I wrote, (School Activities: How many are too many?) limiting summer time activities is also important. Let kids be kids and get outside and enjoy nature. Go on a bike ride or lay on a blanket on the grass and look at the clouds ( what shapes, animals, or objects do the clouds look like). 

I challenge you to get out this summer and connect with the wonder God has given us. Take your kids on a simple backyard picnic (we do picnics on the trampoline), or enjoy the cool of the evening sipping lemonade listening to the crickets chirp. Who knows, if you’re in the country maybe you can see some fireflies at night!

What is your favorite summertime activity you enjoy with your kids? We would love to hear about it.

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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