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The Road Map is There

Earlier this month we took a quick trip over Labor Day weekend. We had an amazing time getting away from all the craziness we have in our everyday lives. We didn’t travel far but we did at times use the GPS to find our next stop. We live in a time that we rarely use a fold-out map anymore. However, having the ability to understand a map and how to use it is so valuable, otherwise, it is easy to get lost. 

Our walk with God and having an understanding of how to use our Bible is just the same as the road map for travel. Our Bible has all the answers we need for every struggle and every joy. What we often struggle with is the application part. We find one excuse or another to skimp on our time in the Bible and self-reflection. 

Our sinful nature has us fighting God’s plan for us oftentimes. God already has an amazing plan for each of us; we just need to be open to embracing it. However, we live in a society that often wants to dictate that our destiny is something that it isn’t. When we apply the teachings of Jesus to our daily lives, his plan will rise up and show us our true path. The road map will be easy to follow and filled with great joys.

Take a moment and get out your map. It is amazing how many different roads you can travel. However, there is only one road that will truly get us to our destination…traveling with the Lord in all we do. We have an amazing course to help you build the toolkit you need in the Rhubarb & Rubbish community…make sure to check it out.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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