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“God Space”: What is it and how to create it?

Several years ago, I ran into a concept that struck me as important and I have chewed on it since then. Yes, sometimes it takes me years to completely understand what should be a simple concept! The concept was called “white space”.

I had been struggling, as usual, with a too-full schedule, which leads me to feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and just plain cranky. My research identified “white space” as a design concept that allows for balance and focus (Gardner, n.d; Glei, n.d.). In addition, some of the sources indicated that your space determines the amount of white space needed for balance. Several lifestyle blogs used this concept in terms of finding balance in life.

For a Christian, the concept of “white space” can be translated into God Space. As a Christian, my main focus in life should be my relationship with my God and Savior. Unfortunately, today’s world pushes most of us to be Marthas. Martha loved God and wanted to honor Jesus, but she got confused and overwhelmed by her to-do list and making things look good on the outside while allowing her heart to remain hidden and confused. Can you imagine being too busy when Jesus stops by your house? Sounds crazy, but we do this every day, just like Martha.

Creating God Space requires us to intentionally design our schedules to include dedicated time for God in our lives. As Christians the focus of our lives should be God. However, making God Space a priority provides purpose, balance, and focus. Matthew 6:33 states, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” When we seek God first, we find the balance and focus we need to manage the rest. Our space becomes cleaner, fresher, and more beautiful. We begin to reflect God’s holiness from the inside out.

The last thing I’ve learned about God Space is that it looks different for everyone. Remember, the design concept says that white space will look different depending on the space. Similarly, God Space looks different depending on the person. Some people create God Space through music, nature, serving, and many more. Often we create God Space in a variety of ways. The only thing truly required is a sincere desire to be known by God and to know God.

I challenge you to be intentional about creating God Space. Make it the first thing you put on your schedule, rather than the last. The results are no less than miraculous!

Contributed by Liz Hunt

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