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Reflections…When Life Changes Over Night

This week marks one year since I felt like the lights switched off in our world. It was a domino effect from schools closing, the state closing down and the nation shutting down due to COVID. In a matter of days, it changed and I sat in my home with an eerie feeling of the unknown.

COVID is just one of life’s events where things can change quickly. Life throws us job losses, health crises, the loss of a loved one, and more resulting in our world being turned upside down.

So do we sit and cry and let it get us down and drive our anxiety high? Of course not, we take the rubbish and turn it into a masterpiece. We pull our big girl panties up and get moving since a masterpiece doesn’t create itself.

This past year has been an amazing opportunity to reflect on all we take for granted. Instead of looking at the negative, I turned to the positive and amazing opportunities I have had and how I want the future to be different.

What I have found to be my biggest blessings this year:

  • Time with family
  • Knowing what I want and don’t want from my career
  • Spending more time with God
  • Spending time doing what I love–cooking, crafting, and more
  • Writing this blog
  • Finding my gratitude
  • Knowing that being intentional is what is going to take me far

Changes also give us an opportunity to make light of what we don’t want to go back to. I haven’t missed some of the running I did before COVD and know I won’t go back. I have enjoyed healthier meals since my family has developed various health issues that are irreversible. And I am reminded often of the things I miss about loved ones gone.

I encourage you to find your masterpiece the next time a major life event happens. The beauty within and all around is priceless. You will truly be rewarded by how you reflect and move forward from each situation of life.

Blessings to you for whatever obstacle you face!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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