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“Do I Have to Go?”

Keeping to my theme of asking monotonous questions, my next one is “do I have to go?” This has been another hot question at our home. We all find our schedules full of events and obligations. This time of the year seems to be much more with confirmations, graduations, and more.

My son, who needs lots of rest, asks this often for even basic things like getting to church on Sunday or when he is asked to run errands. I have found myself looking at work events or large family events and thinking that if we just had that night or weekend off it would be amazing.

So yes, sometimes we go grudgingly and other times with joy. However, no matter what, we always have a great time. I am always blessed by the conversations I have, the connections I make or just be thankful to have all of these people in my life. 

Yes, my to-do list at home piles up. My house may be a little extra dusty. And some things are overlooked in my day-to-day activities, yes! To-do lists, house cleaning, and errands don’t create near the memories as spending time with others.

Those are the reasons we go. Those are the reasons we stay a little longer. Those are the reasons we already start planning the next event or get-together. As I prep for an upcoming long weekend with family at the lake, I think our question should never be “do I have to go” but “I can’t wait to go.”

Here’s to making memories wherever you go!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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