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“Are We There Yet?”: Patience to Make it to Your Goal

As we hit the height of summer travels, this is a question that is asked extensively from small souls in the back seat of our vehicles. The days of travel get long, the miles are endless and the memories are amazing!

However, how many times are we asked “are we there yet” during vacation trips or sometimes just across town? I always reply with the standard responses…”almost”, “a few miles to go”, or “honey, we just started out.” I love this time spent on the road with my loved ones, but always am glad when this question isn’t asked.

It has reminded me as well that some of my conversations in the last few weeks ask a different kind of “are we there yet?” These conversations have surrounded the crazy things that are happening in our schools and debates as to whether to start more private Christian schools and homeschool. Topics have included the incredible prices we are paying at the grocery store and gas stations and how long we can maintain this pace. Passionate discussions have been about how far most aspects of our lives have gone away from having God in every part of it. 

So I have also found myself asking “are we there yet” referencing are we in the end times. Quite frankly, some days I don’t know how much crazier it can get. Then I remember God has given us each patience though we often forget patience comes in many forms. We are continually working to grow and develop our patience.

Whether we are waiting to reach our travel destination, waiting for day-to-day living expenses to lessen, or waiting for a sign to make changes in our children’s education, we are all given an opportunity to grow in our patience. Patience takes time, takes grace, and takes a huge amount of faith that God’s plan will prevail in his time, not ours.

So if you have answered the question “are we there yet” for the millionth time during travels or as you are filling your tank with gas, remember that you are ever so graciously growing your patience.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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  • Eunice

    So well said! I often have those same thoughts. Thanks for the reminder that its all in God’s hands as he teaches us patience.

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