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Learning to Stay in the Moment

Recently, my sisters and I along with my girls, nieces, and mom enjoyed the weekend together just hanging out with no agenda visiting and playing cards. We had our phones and a few brought their computers, but for the most part we unplugged from technology.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not against technology, it is wonderful and has its place. But, how often are we to check the latest Facebook post or text message or how many times a day does our phone go off with a notification?

I believe just like the earlier articles about Mary and Martha, we should be a little more like Mary. Mary focused on the present and what was important. Martha wasn’t being bad in the sense that she was trying to focus on the little things, such as presentation. We just need to find the right times and moments to focus on those things. 

My kids recently had a four-day weekend from school and we had time to sit and watch a tv show and play a few games of cards. Just as we did on our family girls’ weekend, we were not focused on the latest but were focused on being in the moment visiting with each other, as we don’t all live in the same town. 

I can be both a Martha and a Mary in the fact that I like to have things all done and planned especially when company comes but I am also learning to be like Martha. I am trying to focus on what the Lord is telling me is the most important and just being in the moment and not focus on what is yet to be. 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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