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Book Review: “The Proximity Principle” by Ken Coleman

I love a good, quick read that offers insightful information or reminders of how we often complicate the simple things. As a person that has read and completed many of Dave Ramsey’s books, and courses and is a listener of his show, I have been able to see Ken Coleman become the person he is today.

In The Proximity Principle, Ken offers three parts to focus on to get you to the career you love. They are people, places, and practices. He breaks down each aspect and gives simple steps to help an individual master the concept.

I didn’t necessarily get this book to find the career I love. I am happy and content doing what I do each day for now. However, I knew this book would provide me with why the who, the what, and the where we spend our time each day reflect on how positive or negative our outlook on life may be.

Ken’s overall thoughts are to work hard, keep it simple and be humble. It takes patience and grace to get to where we want to be. Being our people that have a positive influence is vital. Being in the right places when we least expect it is vital. Being diligent with practicing all the things that we don’t think matter is vital. Whether it be trying to better your career, be reminded that all the endless hours serving on a board, or even the things at home can change with these practices. 

If you are looking for a quick read that will provide you with simple, straightforward steps to get you the career you love or continue to fine-tune where you are now, this is the book. 

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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