Summer…Enjoy It to the Fullest

My kids got out of school last week and now it’s summer vacation. I anticipate every year when school will end and my kids will be home for the summer. I enjoy the warmer weather and seeing them play outside. I enjoy the moments in between farming when they will talk my husband and me into playing a game of badminton. Rainy days get to be spent in the house with all of us catching up on things like watching our favorite show with some popcorn, reading, or maybe just resting so we will be ready for the next phase of farming when the weather allows. 

The kiddos spend a lot of time outside on their trampoline and once in a while, they convince me to join them. It is great to see them outside enjoying the sunshine. I remember my childhood having two friends that lived within two blocks and riding around the block with them or just riding my bike to their house. The great outdoors is an awesome place for adventures to enjoy. 

I know that the summers go by quickly and soon they will be in school again.  For now, I look forward to warm, sunshiny days and bike rides around the farm with my girls. 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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