hello summer

Is it officially summer?

As I write this article we are forecasted for a high of 47 today with rain. Hardly seems like spring is even here. Yet, most of us look to have Memorial Day weekend be our official summer kick-off. There are graduations, camping trips, and barbeques planned for many. We delight in the fact that the lazy days of summer are near. However, as most of us do, we pack too much into our summer. 

Instead of jam-packing everything, let’s take a look at how to simplify our summer and have time to enjoy the sun and fun!

  • PROJECTS: We often have endless projects that we think we will accomplish. Instead of putting them all on your list, pick TWO. Yes, I said two. Pick the top priority ones and when those are done, add two more. Who knows, we might actually accomplish more than we think!
  • READING: Even if you are not an avid reader, expanding the world past our conversations, social media, and the news, a book allows us to be somewhere else. Books are available in so many forms….traditional, online, audio. Why wait? 
  • HOBBIES: Summer offers a time to try something new. Maybe a new outdoor activity, an art or craft, or skillset like cooking. You might find a new passion you didn’t know you had.
  • DEVOTIONS: It is always best to start our day in the word. Summer offers more opportunities to take the word with us where we go. I certainly don’t want to do devotions outside in January at 30 below. However time on the back deck, in the park, or at the lake brings a whole new look at being in the word because you can add God’s creation as well.
  • FAMILY: Taking time with family is so important. Our summers are booked with events and get-togethers but make sure to schedule downtime for your family as well.

Whatever you do, enjoy each and every day. Summer goes quickly so keep your lists short, try something new and be thankful we get to be blessed to be part of this creation.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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