Sunday School–Part 3: The Shortcomings of Application in Today’s World

Moving Forward

So far, we have touched on how Sunday School started and how churches are teaching it today. Unfortunately, we continue to see the decline of churches and congregations everywhere. We see churches allowing things that do not reflect what God tells us in the Bible. All of this causes us sinners to further question our faith and where we can find leaders, pastors, churches and fellow believers that truly follow the words of the Bible. 

We now live in a time where we are seeing not one, not two, but three and four generations of people who have not grown up reading the word. They have no understanding of the word and how we should be living for God. Is Sunday School anything that can even change a generation with no faith base into a generation of believers? Most likely not with the current method of teachings as it is presented more as storytelling than fact founded structure to live your life.

We live in a time when a majority of our Christian churches are not preaching the inherent, infallible word of God. Churches continue to allow this and that, which is clearly stated as a sin in the Bible, just to keep members in their buildings. How the churches themselves have fallen so far from being obedient to God.

All the years of Sunday school and programs have not saved the generations. We see the highest rate of non-believers ever. Is there hope that we can make Sunday School once again into something that will truly change a generation and equip them to live a life for the Lord?

Faith formation should study the scripture in the Bible and teach how that applies to us in life everyday. Application for life such as how to handle the bully, how to grow as a person, and how to deal with the struggles of work, etc. We should be teaching that living a life of obedience to God will reap great rewards. How can that be done with so much focus on stories and snacks?

Sunday School should be training, tool development, and skill set training so that we know how to walk our life with the Lord. At almost the age of 50, my current bible study is giving me a real reflection of how the Holy Spirit should work within me. Why isn’t that something that I was equipped with as a child?

The teachings from the church should be a joint effort with the family unit. Similar to education at school, conflicting messages cause us to doubt. Therefore working as a team and providing a network will ensure we equip believers to have a support system that will last a lifetime. 

Do we need a name change? Instead of Sunday School should we look at Journey with Jesus, One Hour on How to Equip God in Your Daily Life, Equipping You for a Life with God or something else that will enrich our faith development?

Our call to action is that you take a look at your current Sunday School at your church. Does it offer what you and your family need to ensure you are equipped to walk a lifetime with God? Is the mission of the program to evangelize to those in need and does it offer the discipleship and fellowship you yearn for? We ask that if there is an opportunity you see that could enrich the teachings of believers that you offer your abilities to those that need it.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens Sunday School–Part 3: The Shortcomings of Application in Today’s World Sunday School–Part 3: The Shortcomings of Application in Today’s World

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