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The Lost Art of Backyard Camping

This month our theme has been Simplicity in the Sun but we don’t want to forget the magic of the night! Camping is an amazing time to spend with family enjoying the outdoors. There is time for exploration and relaxation. A person can spend time fishing, hiking and so much more.

The setting sun brings the sound of a crackling fire and ooey, gooey smores. The stars twinkle and we occasionally have the magic of a lighting bug to see. However, we most often now think of camping in an RV travel trailer that costs as much as a small house. It comes with all the bells and whistles and is nice to have but it certainly takes away from “roughing it”.

Don’t miss out on the simple magic of camping in the backyard with your kids! Not much planning is needed and supplies are simple. No travel is required. And you can do it as many times a summer as you want.

It is a great opportunity to connect. Great conversations are had. Enjoyment in your own home and yard is spent in a new way. Kids can even test the waters of independence by sleeping outside without mom and dad!!

We encourage you to grab a sleeping bag and pitch your tent. Grab a few snacks and a flashlight and you are ready. Why wait? Summer goes fast so get started today.

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Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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