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Faith on the Road

For most of us, summer brings the opportunity to get in the car and take a trip or two. Whether it is a long-distance trek or a few days here and there, traveling interrupts our routines. Most of the time that is a wanted and much-needed interruption. However, interrupting our devotional and church-going routine is a different matter entirely.

Psalm 139:7 says, “Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I feel from your presence?” Great news! God is a fabulous traveler and goes wherever we go and whenever we go. Our only job is to remain intentional about worshipping, praising, and being in communication with God. How do we do that without loading our suitcase down with devotional books or rearranging travel time to do our devotional? Well, we give ourselves a break and realize whatever devotional we are working on will wait until we get home. Instead, we can be creative and seize unique opportunities to take our faith on the road.

I don’t worry about carrying my Bible with me on trips anymore. Several years ago, I downloaded the YouVersion Bible app and have been blessed by it in so many ways. The app provides access with or without WiFi or cell service once downloaded. It provides a number of different translations, searchability, a verse of the day, and devotional plans. Often, I will choose a devotional plan that fits the number of days that I will be on vacation and work my way through it on the road. Most are quick reads that won’t upset travel schedules.

Another way I love to take my faith on the road is to worship at random churches. A quick internet search usually provides a listing of local churches and their times of worship. Be the guest and worship with strangers!

Finally, my husband and I usually drive to our vacation destinations. We used to fly more, but at 6’7 flying for my husband has never been enjoyable. Besides, we love to see God’s creation as the miles roll by the car window. Time trapped in a car together is a great space to welcome God into your dialogue as a couple. Distractions are at a minimum and there is time to allow God to speak through the Spirit to guide not only your rest and relaxation but future needs when you return home.

Taking your faith on the road doesn’t need to be difficult. We don’t get vacations from God, thank goodness!! Be creative and have fun as you worship our Creator God on the road! We would love to hear how you take your faith on the road. Please share in the comments below.

Contributed by Liz Hunt

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