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Changing Leaves Devotional for October

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

We have experienced an amazing fall here in our area. After a warm, dry summer, we continue to enjoy summer-like days and have an extended growing season in our gardens. We typically have had a frost or two by now or even a hard freeze on most years. The forecast, for now, looks to be at least another two weeks of great weather meaning I will be canning well into November!

As much as I am enjoying this fall, I know that each year will be different and things are always changing. Like the leaves that begin to change colors in the fall to prepare for winter, we too at times change for the season of our life.

My season in life has been crazy. Work has been extremely busy. While being self-employed, I am always grateful for the clients. I have taken on homeschooling our son which is a period of adjustment for all of us. In addition, my time for myself, the garden, and family has been limited which wears on my heart. They are what I do this all for and time without them leaves me a bit empty. 

Then I am reminded this is only temporary. This season will change and turn into a different season. A season of rest. I will soon wake to having my business slow and be able to handle the load easily. We will be soon labeled homeschooling pros (I hope) and not remember a time when it was clunky. And I will have the time for myself and family to restore my soul.

However one thing never changes. And that is the Lord. Malachi 3:6 says “For I the Lord do not change: therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.” What a reassurance that the Lord never changes for us. He is a constant for us and a resource to help us through the tough times and the good. He gives us a foundation and hope. 

I hope no matter what your season looks like currently, be reminded that the Lord is always there. 

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