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The Love of Friday Night Suppers

Earlier this month we celebrated recapping our third annual family camp. Shortly after our first camp, there were a few family members in the same community that wanted to keep recreating the amazing time we had. We decided to try having Sunday family dinners after church like we did growing up. We were successful for a few months and then became totally derailed. We found that we had events to go to and just wanted to be home to prepare for the week ahead.

We missed the concept of getting together and thought “let’s try another night.” We opted for Friday nights as most often none of us had much going on. Now we are so glad that we did! 

We have come to love our casual, simple Friday night meals. We rotate each Friday between our three households and cook for those that are coming. Sometimes we bring a dish to share, but most times we give each other a night off of cooking.

These nights have given us a chance to catch up, a chance to grow, and a chance to make memories. We have great food. We can come in our pajamas if we want. We play cards, but most just visit. We have even filed for a first-time home loan together. 

Our Friday Night Suppers have become a staple for us all. My son is totally bummed if we do not have them for one reason or another. Time with family is priceless and life is short. So if you have an opportunity to do this with your family, embrace the opportunity. Holidays are always filled with hustle and bustle, but simple meals together offer something different!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens


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