Intentional Memory Making: Make time and seize the day

Last week I told you a story of a regular life activity that created memories for me as a child and the importance of just remembering to be with each other in the Chasing Headless Chickens post. This week, I’m going to address intentional memory making. Every day is an opportunity to intentionally make memories, but some days and events call for a little more intention.

As I am writing this, I am reflecting on this past weekend. My entire family, minus a couple of people who had to work, traveled between two and two and half hours to where my daughter lives to watch her performance in The Adams Family Musical as part of her small town’s summer community theatre. We had lunch at my sister’s house before the play and sat together during the play. It was a lot of driving and sitting, but what a memory!

I road there and back with my sister, her husband, and their young, almost 10-year old son. As we drove back, my nephew and I did dot-to-dots and wrote a story. His dot-to-dots are thousands of numbers! The story we wrote was about him and his dog Tucker. The experience was amazing for me. To watch his eyes light up and get excited when he got to read the next part of the story was priceless! I don’t know if he will remember that day twenty years from now, but I know I will. I was able to connect with my family and with my nephew in deep and meaningful ways. That day was a prime example of a day that needed a little more intention in memory making. The event, the company, the time provided an opportunity to make memories that will keep me grateful and feeling blessed for years to come.

Intentional memory making comes in all shapes and forms. What are some of the ways you and your family intentional make memories?

Contributed by Liz Hunt  

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