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Christian Learning Options for All Ages

As we have navigated many unchartered waters over the last few months, I have been so blessed that my son has had the opportunity to be part of a private Christian school that has allowed him to be better equipped for the uncertainties that have come with COVID. He has been given a much grander Biblical worldview than I had myself growing up and he has provided me and my spouse a way to develop a greater understanding of what Christian education offers. 

We wanted to take a moment to look at what Christian education looks like. Notable it is not just one thing…private, Christian school doesn’t entail the only Christian learning that there is, it can be both formal and informal.

Christian education first and foremost needs to be about God’s word. I believe we all have been told about the stories of the Bible, but what we really need to know and understand is that these are not stories…they are parables which God has laid out for us to understand how to live our lives. Even though these words were written long ago, the principles still apply to our day-to-day lives.

Studying the parables and Bible allows us to be able to apply that understanding to everyday life. Imagine going through each day not knowing our ultimate goal. Yes, we lay out many goals such as paying off the car early, getting a promotion in five years, and ensuring our children have college savings. Those are day-to-day goals using the gifts God has given us. However, our ultimate goal is to once again be with God. 

Christian education is life long and doesn’t just happen in Sunday school each week or school Monday thru Friday. It is also very broad and we wanted to look at a few key points. Check the following when looking at your options:

  • Does it follow your belief system?
  • It is a manageable amount of material to do in any given week?
  • Research who has created and written the curriculum.
  • Does the type of education fit you and/or your family?
  • What is the end result you hope to gain from this piece of study?

Here are a few options for Christian education:

  • Sunday School programs–both child and adult
  • Devotional Books/email feeds
  • Podcasts
  • Christian schools over a public school
  • Homeschooling over Christian or public schools
  • Purchased self-guided curriculum

What unique ways do you and your family sustain your Christian learning? We would love to have you share.

Watch for our 52 daily devotions for women to be published at the end of 2021. Starting in January of 2021, we will give you a sneak peek of one devotional each month.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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