Finding Me–As a Homeschool Mom

A few days ago, I wrote about our decision to homeschool and the blessings that we have found. Today I want to touch on how in some ways I have found myself. Sounds strange that at almost 50, I am proclaiming to have found myself, as you may ask, what I have been doing for my whole life. 

However, I am reminded that we are always a work in progress and sometimes it just takes a little longer. I have had days in the past year that, between work fatigue, homeschool fatigue, mom fatigue, and wife fatigue, I just shed a few tears. I wonder why God laid it on my heart to make this choice. And then I am reminded that God’s plan is always greater than our own. 

In this past year, I have found that God continues to refine my priorities. He points out daily where he truly calls us as women to be…the caretakers of our homes and families. I, after one year of homeschooling, know that my place is at home with my child and spouse. 

However, we live in a world where priorities are skewed. We focus on making others happy, having jobs that are unsustainable, and not fulfilling our true creativeness or passion. We map out our lives with more payment plans or obligations that are even realistic. My husband has a saying, “you have to spend money to make money”. I feel if I didn’t work, my expenses would be less.

To wrap up my thoughts on finding me as a homeschool mom, I look to Proverbs 14:1 as it reads, “The wisest of women builds her horse, but folly with her own hands tears it down.” It gives me pause for thought….I am tearing down what I build up? God has called me to homeschool, and I am ever so thankful. It fills me with something I didn’t even know was there, and I am so thankful and blessed. I look forward to the beautiful plan God has for me, even with the ups and downs that come with it and again am reminded that God is continually working on each of us. 

I pray that each woman, even if not called to homeschool, truly finds what God is calling you to do. Next week we celebrate Mother’s Day….let us celebrate what God has planned for each of us. He has an amazing plan for each of us if we just let it happen. Blessings to each of you!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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