When you can’t finish well. Crashing into the end zone.

Last year about this time, I wrote a post on finishing well. As a college professor, the dawning of May always brings thoughts of finishing well. I must admit that I am unable to finish well this year. Trust me, I have every desire to finish well. Unfortunately, my body isn’t letting me.

I mentioned in an earlier post about my post COVID struggle. We are still investigating its roots, but one truth remains: I cannot function at 100%. I am attempting to complete the semester requirements as best I can, letting much of the household tasks wait, and have completely abandoned all my extras.

My post from last year identified three things we need to focus on to finish well: keeping an eternal perspective, remembering who I work for, and letting God be in charge (Finishing Well). A year later, those focuses remain true. I am reminded that this, too, shall pass, the best work I do comes from following God, and I need not worry as God is in charge. He sees. He knows. He cares.

While I may not finish this semester well, my race is not complete. In the end, God wins, and because I am His, I get to participate in the glory of eternity in His presence.

Contributed by Liz Hunt

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