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Family Expectations: We are all unique

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

If you are a first-time reader, you may not realize how important our family connection is to us. For those of you who have been following us, you know that most of what we do in life involves our family, or that time for family is what we strive for.

Our blog is written by three sisters from three different walks of life. We have very diverse careers, are parenting at different stages in life, and have husbands that couldn’t be more different! However, there is one thread that keeps us close and that is family.

Family connections can be tough for some. We often hear of conflict, disconnection, and families that rarely spend time together. For me, I would be so lost without my family.

I believe family expectations are the key that has kept us so close. Setting right and realistic expectations is imperative. What do you mean you may be asking? It is simple. Every member of your family is flawed, a sinner, and different from you. That is what makes them unique and you unique. What makes it beautiful is that you look at each other with love and affection knowing that if that uniqueness wasn’t in your life who would you really be?

I encourage each of you to take a new appreciation of your family. Look at them and thank them for being who they are. Look to your family with the right expectations that they are not perfect but God put you with them for a reason. They are your support network when you need them most and they will always be there for you.

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