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Finding Joy in Self: A New Creation in Christ

Contributed by Liz Hunt

From the title of the post, you might be thinking, “How does this fit with living a humble life for God? Doesn’t this put our focus on us?” I will use part of an Oswald Chambers quote to begin my response, “Stop being self-conscious, stop being a sanctified prig…” and rejoice that you belong to the Lord! Having joy in self has nothing to do with self and everything to do with what Christ has done for us and in us. 

As I said in the last post, I have long struggled with living a life of ceaseless joy. I have good intentions, but I often put on the wrong pair of eyeglasses in the morning. When I do so, I see myself in terms of what I lack, what I can’t do, and how I have failed. Looking at myself in that way doesn’t reflect that I am a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). In essence, it is like saying Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t good enough. Crazy, right!

The Word provides a foundational piece for cultivating a joyous life. The Word also provides a source of truth about who we are in Christ Jesus, providing a reason to be joyful for who we are, brokenness and all. Our brokenness brings us to our knees before our Savior. Our gifts reflect the favor of the Holy Spirit. Our good actions and deeds shine the light of Jesus to all. I can find joy in myself through the presence of the Holy Spirit in me! I am redeemed, restored, and loved. What joy!

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