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Meeting Your Man Halfway: Couples Hobbies

I will be honest. I have very little in common with my husband, inside and outside. He is 6’7, and I am 5’3. He can eat anything; I have multiple food sensitivities. He loves the outdoors; I am allergic to everything outdoors. He has not picked up a book since reading the Motley Cru diaries ten years ago; I have a stack of five to ten books I am reading at the same time. So, I am guessing you are wondering what on earth we do together, and it is a good question.

We have learned that we have to meet halfway. Over the years, we have both tried things we would have never tried on our own. It has been an adventure! In the process, we have both learned things we do not like to do, things that we love to do, and things that we are willing to do because the other person likes to do them. Some of the things we love to do together include target practice, traveling, antiquing, and hanging out with our dog, Blue. No matter what the activity, it is essential to spend time with your significant other playing and relaxing. Here are a few things to consider when meeting halfway on hobbies.

Explore together. Try new things. Go online to your community or region and find activities and events that are happening. Get each other’s opinions and get out there and do it.

Plan. If you do not plan time together, there is always something that will take its place. Work. Kids. Volunteering. Sleeping. Remember that time together is paramount to not only your health as a couple but your health as an individual.

Give and take. My husband loves to ski. I gave it up for good seven years ago when I carried my skis down half the hill. Regardless, we still go skiing every year or so. He skis. I read in the lodge during the day with Blue. In the off time, we talk, antique, and eat good food.

Be present. No matter what you are doing together, BE TOGETHER. Fully, completely present, and accounted. Next to your relationship with God, your spouse comes next. Nurture that relationship by being present.

I would love to hear about the hobbies you share with your spouse. Tell us what you do together in the comments below.

Contributed by Liz Hunt

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