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Seasonal Purge & Renewal for Your Spirit

I love this time of year! I always get an extra bounce in my step and a new sense of energy with the new signs of spring. This is the time of year I also think of cleaning out seasonal stuff. It’s time to put away the winter attire and get out the summer shoes and clothes. Putting away our seasonal wardrobes makes it a great time to purge items we didn’t wear or won’t fit next year with the growing kiddos. 

It’s also a great time to open the windows in the house and let the fresh air in while spring cleaning. With the start of each new season, there is always a feeling of renewal. Spring brings longer days with more daylight and time to be outdoors.  The kids and I like to get out the bikes and maintenance them so we can ride around the farm. Some of us like to have rummage sales, which I have done in the past, to purge those no longer used or wanted items we may have. 

As I have said before in the Purge the seasonal renewal helps to clear our minds and provide a sense of well-being. The coming of spring helps clear our minds out of winter slumber and energizes us to be fully intentional so we can watch spring unfold and see the new life cycle of spring in all its glory. 

However you gear up and purge from one season to the next, I hope it comes with full intentionality for each of you. By full intentionality, I mean that you can fully enjoy the wonderful renewals and beginnings of each season. I would love to hear how you purge from one season to another. Do you have any tips for renewal each season? Please comment below. 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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