Holiday Greetings to those who got you to the end of the year!

As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, I know the value that each and every client brings to my business. Some clients are memorable and worth recognizing: the client that calls every time they need your services, the client that gives you the best referrals, and the client that becomes a life-long friend. These clients are some of the greatest reasons to be self-employed.

The upcoming holidays offer a great opportunity to remember these amazing clients. Staying top of mind is essential to growing your business. There is no better advertising or advocate for your business than a satisfied past client. The return on your investment in reaching out to past clients is priceless! 

Everyone will find the best ways to stay in touch during the holidays and throughout the year. Take time to evaluate what might work the best for you. Here are some ways to stand out from your competition.

  • HOLIDAY CARDS–One of the simplest ways to send greetings is with a card or postcard. Try something new this year and make it personal. Include a photo of your family. As you invest time with clients, you get to know their family and they get to know yours. 
  • PHONE CALLS–Pick up the phone and say hi. Texting makes life so easy but we miss the added conversation that transpires when visiting in person.
  • STOP BY AND SAY HI–Sounds old fashioned but can really make someone’s day. 
  • GIFT FOR THE SEASON–While stopping by, you can always bring a small holiday gift such as a seasonal plant or holiday paper products gift bag. Don’t plan for every year but periodically and on holidays throughout the year. You will experience gratification going above and beyond while not breaking your budget.
  • CLIENT OPEN HOUSE–Find an evening, whip up some appetizers, and heat up the cocoa. Open houses offer the opportunity for clients to visit together on their projects with you, and a lot of your past clients will already know each other as they are friends or family. Keep it light and casual with time for visiting or holiday games. 

You will be rewarded by doing just a little extra for your past clients. Your business will be blessed for years to come. In what ways do you keep going above and beyond for your past clients?

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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