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Teaching Kids Thankfulness Through Giving

I don’t understand all the science behind it, but giving gifts has been linked to increased levels of gratitude and thankfulness for the gift giver, not just the gift receiver. Amazing, right.

For our two children, my husband and I decided to have them buy or make the Christmas gifts they want to give with money that they have earned from doing chores on the farm. Each child buys for mom, dad, each other, and their grandparents. They can choose to pool their money together and buy a gift or purchase a gift separately. Each child sees how much money they have and then starts the planning and budgeting process. The whole process gives my children the opportunity to give to others and increase their own gratitude and learn the time-old skill of spending within their means.

My husband and I walk our kids through the process of choosing or thinking of the best-suited gift for each person, helping them to shop on the internet or finding the right local store, and then paying for the item with their own money. The greatest joy is seeing the excitement on my children’s faces when they give the perfect gift to someone.

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller


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