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Why Resolutions are the Sour of Life!

A few weeks into the New Year…how are your resolutions going? My thoughts exactly…epic fails for most of us. I, for one, gave up on the notion of resolutions years ago, as I decided that was a sure-fire way to fail and feel guilty about not reaching a goal again. 

New Year’s resolutions, birthday resolutions or whatever type of resolutions you set each year…how do you do? I remember thinking it was so cool to set my resolutions in my high school and college days. However as I moved into adulthood I realized that I never actually accomplished reaching them.

There is no magic fairy dust that is sprinkled on a holiday or birthday that you will suddenly make these changes. I gave up setting resolutions many years ago. I realized that any changes or resolutions, as we like to call them, can happen and start any and every day.

However, to make them happen is to have the conviction to start and stay committed. It is about taking baby steps and developing the habits that keep us going to reach the goal. This is where we feel true positivity, not the helpless feeling you can get each day as you realized the multitudes of resolutions you set are unattainable.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Most days in our lives are filled with lemons, and here and there we have the chance to make lemonade. If we focus on it having to be big and grand, we will have more sour than sweet.

I hope your new year has not been filled with failure, just a clear mind full of conviction to make everyday a new day for change.

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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