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Twenty four hours in a day—how do you spend your time?

A great number of our days are spent sleeping, working and running the household. Most days pass by without a moment spent outdoors other than getting from your vehicle into the next building. Statistics are staggering at the actual amount of time we spend indoors focusing on our phones, TV or games. In addition, new conditions are surfacing daily from the time spent on technology such as neck problems, hand issues and more. There is a whole big, beautiful world and we each are missing so much of it. 

Finding time to get outdoors does wonders for a person’s outlook, overall health, stress and gives us the opportunity to change our view on life. Even on the most stressful days, taking a few minutes to shovel snow, walk a few blocks or lay on a blanket in the park can give you the reset you need. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to connect with nature:

  1. Gardening–there is nothing better than digging in the dirt and feeling the warm soil in your hands. And the kids love to discover the earth worms!
  2. Walking–taking a walk and looking around. It amazes me how I drive by things a million times and never notice, but on a walk I am looking at things differently.
  3. Playing with my child–children naturally have an innocence. Taking part in that innocence is life altering. As adults we would fair better most days looking at life like a child instead of overanalyzing and comparing.
  4. Trying a new sport–although this is the one I do the least, it is one I wish I would do  more. Trying new things takes us out of our comfort zone but at times gives us a new favorite hobby.
  5. Hunting–Not everyone is a hunting advocate, but it truly is a way to connect. It provides time out doors and gives an opportunity to take in the life cycle of plants and animals.
  6. Sledding/playing in the snow–again the childlike innocence of spending time in the snow is invigorating. For those of you who don’t have snow, take a trip to a snowy state this coming winter…you’ll be blessed in more ways than you know!

We would love to hear what your favorite nature connection activities are. Please share below.

Contributed by Jessica

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