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Good-bye Sugar: Hello green smoothies!

So, my most recent health diagnosis is drumroll please, Lyme disease. Yep, chronic Lyme seems to be the underlying cause of my past and continued health issues. COVID just happened to have pushed my immune system over the top and the underlying Lyme made itself very known. In some ways, I’m happy about the diagnosis. It explains a lot. In other ways, I am disappointed. From what I understand, Lyme never goes away. The best hope is to get it under control and the immune system working at peak performance to keep the symptoms at bay.

Supporting the immune system involves optimizing sleep, reducing stress, supporting detoxification, and feeding the body the good stuff. Want to know what one of the key food culprits is in disrupting sleep, increasing body stress, and impairing detoxification? You guessed it, processed sugar with processed foods as a close second. And, it turns out sugar feeds the little Lyme buggers!

I’m on week three of no added sugar and no processed food. The only sugar I consume is that found in low-glycemic index fruits and vegetables. I have completely eliminated processed foods except for an occasional piece of gluten-free bread if I’m in a rush and need something super quick. How do I feel? Well, I’m not back to great, but change is happening. First, I have lost 7 pounds without even trying and not exercising. I’m pretty much a couch potato since January. Second, the brain fog is there but decreasing. Finally, my blood sugar is more stable; far fewer ups and downs during the day.

My typical meal is heavy on green leafy vegetables with a side of high-quality protein and fats and a small amount of whole non-gluten grains. I try to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, take afternoon tea with the queen, and dinner like a pauper, the exact opposite of how I used to eat, and all within a 10-hour window. At least every other day I drink a green smoothie consisting of full-fat coconut milk, spinach, cilantro, a lime, a tablespoon of almond butter, a green apple, and a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut extract. I’ve actually come to crave them.

Of course, I’m doing a lot of other things like no screens after 7 pm, getting sunlight for at least 10 minutes upon waking, stretching, detox baths, etc. I ate well before, but this is a whole new level even for me. I’m reminded each day about Daniel and his fasting and vegetarian diet. While I still eat meat, I have a whole new appreciation for Daniel’s passion for the green stuff. The only thing I am really craving is chocolate. Thankfully, I found a recipe for baked chocolate oatmeal that uses apple sauce as the sweetener. Warmed with a little coconut milk, fresh berries, and a little maple extract and I feel almost like I’m having chocolate cake. With each bite, I thank God that his abundance goes a long way in healing the body. More healing stories later!

Contributed by Liz Hunt

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