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Book Giveaway: The Unplugged Family Activity Book

On our trail to be intentional, we have felt at times that we needed to reinvent the wheel. We have been skewed on our thought process of what being intentional truly means. Our conversations around the planning table a year or so ago included conversations on making products that we would never use, writing on subject matter that we were not passionate about and more. Yes, we determined that we didn’t love to write about accounting software!!

However, we also felt that we do need to step outside of the box to spend our time doing something more than working. Joy is found in new experiences, reliving and always creating memories and putting effort into things that you feel positive about. 

We dug in and found the book titled “The Unplugged Family Activity Book.” We paged through with high hopes of endless projects that would give us the “feel good” for months to come.

However we were slightly disappointed that this book had more recipes in it than we were looking for but we did find items that intrigued us. It nicely outlined activities for the four seasons. Each season had recipes and activities to do. Most activities were geared for children and adults of all ages.

This book passed between us sisters and sat on the desk for more time than I like to admit. However after the holiday season, we once again realized how short our time for ourselves and each other was.

I dusted off the book and dove into a simple activity that could be accomplished while having a conversation and a cup of coffee. It was a warmer than usual North Dakota day, while we spent time slathering pine cones with peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed. They were so adorable they looked good enough to eat. 

Our biggest accomplishment though was the time spent being intentional with family was so worth it. It revived my soul and gave encouragement for more moments such as these to come ahead. It spurred sending handwritten notes in the mail (such a lost tradition) and an impromptu lunch and a local eatery an hour away.

Overall we would recommend this book to all who want to give thought to doing the little things in life that we should all enjoy. One sad update to our project to report, the squirrels have stolen my pinecones!! The nuthatches were grateful to enjoy them while they could!!

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Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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