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Blaze Orange and Camo

First thing that comes to mind when thinking about hunting is orange and camouflage colored clothing. Hunting always starts in the fall. Some like to hunt geese, pheasants, elk or white-tail deer. I, myself, have never gone bird hunting, only deer hunting, which I enjoy. I have many memories of going hunting with my dad and two of my older sisters. Also the fun times with family after hunting has ended for the day.

Hunting  over the years has taught me several things:

  • Patience: You have to wait for the game to come to you in a deer stand. 
  • Strategy: Sometimes you need to strategize when walking in an area for deer.
  • RESPECT: I capitalize this one because it’s a big one. Respect for the landowner who posts their land and always gets permission first. Respect your weapon and know how to properly use and  handle it. And last respect for the game when you’re out there, because after all you’re in their territory/home. 

All of these things can also be applied to everyday life. I have the privilege to go hunting with my oldest daughter, who loves to bow hunt. Teaching her the aspects of hunting from successfully getting a deer all the way to harvesting and processing the meat is great quality family time. My husband also hunts and maybe one day our youngest daughter will also have an interest.

What are some of your family hunting traditions or stories? We would love to hear them. 

Contributed by Carrie Guthmiller

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