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Coffee: Good, Bad, or Indifferent

In my opinion: GOOD, LIFE SAVING, CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. These are the only words I can relate to the subject.

With that being said, not everyone agrees. Some people experience side effects such as not being able to sleep at night, upset stomach, being jittery, or feeling sluggish.

Others, like my spouse, aren’t affected by coffee in any manner and laugh when I can’t sleep after a good cup of coffee with dessert at the evening meal.

However coffee may be contributing to our health in ways we don’t even realize. Over the last few years my family and I have discovered natural health treatment. In this journey we have discovered how many of the foods we eat affect our bodies. We’ve learned that many of our health problems stem from our diets and the way we live our lives.

Coffee for one is a huge contributor to Candida, a.k.a. yeast overgrowth in the gut. Yeast overgrowth causes weight gain, upset stomach, disrupted sleep, loss of appetite, and more. Also, when coffee keeps us up our sleep cycle is interrupted. Having restorative sleep is imperative to our overall health. 

I could go on about the many possible side effects, however we each need to find what works for us. As much as I may consider coffee the third (?) love of my life after God and family, I still strive for moderation.

As with all things, having enough to feed my addiction without being a glutton is perfect! How about you? Click below to take our coffee survey!

Contributed by Jessica Clemens

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